RECycler 312 (UK).jpg

RECycler® 312

• 12,000 liters water and/or sludge
• Moveable partition, which can be locked in two pre-set positions. The partition is moved pneumatically
• 2 sets of locking bolts manually operated
• A fully automatic end cover, hydraulically operated. Including safety support

• Belt driven jetting pump: 390 liters per minute at 140 bar
• One hydraulically operated hose reel with 150 m 5/4" jetting hose
• One hydraulically operated hose reel with 50 m 3/4" and 60 m 1/2" jetting hose, hydraulic swivel
• JHL RECycler System

• Vacuum pump, oil cooled, equipped with a lubrication pump: 21.667 l/min., 90% vacuum
• Cassette system for 5" suction hose

• BUS-based PLC
• Two control panels in stainless steel

Lights and reflectors
• Work lamps 5 pcs
• Beacon lights 4 pcs
• Sidelights with built-in reflectors 6 pcs
• Reflectors according to FTA

Cabinets and shelves
• One double cabinet made of aluminum at the rear end, left-hand side and water dispenser for handwash
• Hose shelves with rails placed on both sides and tool shelves with rails placed on both sides

• Scania standard grey undercarriage + white cabin and tank
• Anodised cabinet and shelves
• One aluminum sign plate on each side of the tank and one at the back of the tank
• Text and striping are ordered separately

• Scania P410 CB 6x2*4 chassis supplied by JHL
• CP16 medium day cab.
• One set of boogie mudguards made of plastic
• Cyclist protection bar on each side in aluminum
• Tail lights equipped with grilles for protection
• The exhaust pipe is led to the top

• One nozzle set
• 4 length of 4 meters 4" hoses incl Bauer couplings

• JHL vehicles are approved by the Danish Directorate of Labour Inspection before dispatch
• JHL vehicles are furnished with product liability insurance

Type RECycler® 312
Year 2017/2018
Chassis Scania P410 CB 6x2*4
Kilometers 0 km.
Vacuum pump 0 hours
High-pressure pump 0 hours
Availability 1-2 weeks